Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pedicabs: The Humane Tour of Central Park!

Taking a pedicab (rikshaw) through Central Park is not only the humane choice for all involved, but it is also a ~far~ superior way to get a tour of Central Park, and a much better value for your money than the cruel, overpriced carriage-horse rides, which are extremely limited to where they can travel in the park. The pedicabs have far more access into the most beautiful, romantic parts of the park. Walking through the park hand-in-hand with your loved one is my personal favorite, but riding in a pedicab is definitely a close second! Once you learn of the unbelievable cruelty & danger that the horses (and passengers) are exposed to, you simply cannot justify funding such animal abuse & exploitation.
Choose Compassion: Take a Pedicab Tour of Central Park. The horses who suffer every day and who are treated as slaves don't deserve to endure the inhumane lives they are forced into within the carriage horse industry. Please help to END this shameful business in NYC by boycotting carriage-horse rides. Say NO to animal cruelty and Yes to the ethical alternative: Pedicabs--powered by humans who chose to do the job.

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