Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gothamist Poll: Eliminate Horse-Carriage Industry All Together.

The Gothamist, an online publication, recently ran a poll concerning NYC carriage horses. The poll is now closed.

The question posed is listed below followed by the choices and the number of votes cast for each.

A total of 871 votes were cast.

How should the carriage horse industry be transformed?

Only allow horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park. 10% (87 votes)

Replace horses with antique fuel-efficient electric cars. 31% (267 votes)

Provide the horses with a vacation and safer working conditions. 24% (211 votes)

Eliminate the carriage horse industry all together.

35% (306 votes)

The winner was clearly the option to eliminate the carriage horses industry winning more than 1/3 of the votes cast. However what makes this even more interesting is that when coupled with the option of replacing the horses with electric cars, which got just under 1/3 of the votes - it equals about 66% of the vote.

The people have said it is time to move this city forward and retire the horses.

Is the City Council listening?

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