Monday, February 15, 2010


You know Nivea - that company that produces not-so-great skin care products and cannot quite compete with the likes of Revlon, Avon and L'Oreal. Well they got desperate and someone had what they thought was a bright idea.

On Valentine's Day, many of the horses and carriages in New York's Central Park were covered with Nivea advertising. "Take a ride!" "Get a Nivea goody bag!" "Share the hugs and kisses." Oh puleeze!

It was the epitome of tackiness. What next? Advertising Pepsi on the horse's back or maybe McDonald's?

Don't they know what a mess they just got involved in? I guess they have no clue about how the horses are treated or maybe they just don't care ... about their too small stalls on upper level multi-storied stables on the far west side of Manhattan --(no they do not live in idyllic Central Park); how they never have the opportunity to get daily pasture time; how they work nine hours a day, seven days a week in all kinds of nasty weather; how they work nose to tailpipe sucking up car exhaust, on hard surfaces that cause concussive injuries -- all to make a buck for their owner.

After all that is what it is about - the almighty dollar.

And when the horses are too tired to make the run anymore, they are "humanely disposed" of. This means, of course, that they can be sent to the New Holland auction in Pennsylvania (or equivalent) and may come to the attention of greedy kill buyers who are always looking for more horse flesh for the European market.

Please contact Nivea (owned by Beirsdorf) and tell them you will not buy their product anymore.

Don't let them get away with not having a heart for the horses.

Leslie Kickham, 203-563-5821

When we asked one of the couples why they were taking a ride - the man laughed and said he planned to have a horse meat dinner after.

The carriage driver laughed ..... lovely people.

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