Monday, July 28, 2008


Please support our fellow activists in Rome in their campaign to ban horse-drawn carriages. Write to the Rome authorities to ask that they ban this industry.

E-mails should be sent to the following:

Public Relations Office of the Mayor --
Council of the Environment --
The Councilor's Office --

Below is a sample letter. Please change it as you see fit so it does not sound "canned."

I am writing in support of the Italian citizens who are asking the Rome City Council to ban the use of horse-drawn carriages. The only way to put an end to mistreatment, accidents, suffering, and death of horses is to ban this "attraction".

It is time for Rome to move into the 21st century and take seriously its moral and ethical responsibility to these sentient beings while ensuring the safety of its citizens. Surely as a civilized society in Italy's capital, you must do no less.

Carriage horses take away from the experience of being in Rome and I vow not to travel to your city until this industry is ended.

We urge Mayor Gianni Alemanno and the Rome City Council to immediately ban all horse-drawn carriages from Rome.

[your name and city/state/country]

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