Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A recent comment asked for the contact information of those responsible for the NYC carriage industry.

First of all - please sign the petition to ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC if you have not done so already - click here.

It is always best to send a snail mail letter; a fax is the second choice with e-mail a distant third because they can easily be deleted.

The head of the City Council is Speaker Christine Quinn. Quinn has the power to hold hearings on Intro 658 (the bill to ban horse-drawn carriages) but has chosen to ignore the bill in spite of the tremendous number of calls and letters her office has received.

224 West 30th St -- Suite 1206
New York, NY 10001

Fax: (212)564-7347

e-mail address: You may contact her on line by using this form.

You may also contact Mayor Michael Bloomberg

City Hall
New York, NY 10007

or on line by clicking here.

If you are a New Yorker, you may also contact your Council Member. Contact information is available here.

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