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 Horse Sense 2  

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 BOGUS:   polls showing 60% of people opposed to a carriage horse ban

(c) Mary Culpepper  
Since 2006, every poll taken about a carriage horse ban has shown between 75 and 80% of respondents in favor of a ban.  So what happened?  In a nutshell – the Daily News has been allowed to control the dialogue with their half truths, specious omissions and outright lies.  This is not the way a newspaper is supposed to behave.

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truthOften  attributed to the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, it has a lot of truth and should be fair warning to thinkers that the same thing is happening in NYC.   

Mayor deBlasio won the mayoral primary in September but he was not endorsed by any of the local newspapers.   The editorial boards in NYC are mostly right wing conservative and were not happy about this.    The Daily News began a hatched job on the mayor – ripping into him almost every day – publishing the most bizarre yellow journalism articles filled with lies and exaggerations.  Mort Zuckerman had enjoyed privileges at City Hall under Mayor Bloomberg that he expected to continue under a Quinn administration. 

When it seemed that Mayor deBlasio was serious about banning the horse-drawn carriages, The DN took the lead on this issue going so far as to launch a petition.  The editor in chief of the DN is a transplant from Rupurt Murdoch’s failed UK paper.   Other editorial boards, including the NY Times, NY Post, AM-NY and TV stations like Fox News, NY1, and Pix 11 followed.  Many reporters have continued to promote the drivers’ lies as their opinions shift into supposedly fact driven articles.  The carriage trade hired the infamous anti-animal Cavalry Group to fight this battle for them.  This is the anti-animal lobby group that supports puppy mills, horse slaughter and a weakening of animal cruelty laws around the country.  The Teamsters have also joined the fray, going against the first pro union mayor in decades – a very foolish action. 

There’s been no fact checking, no investigative journalism and gratuitous dishonesty.  Unfortunately, people will often believe what they hear on TV or read in the newspapers without questioning. This is why the media is so powerful.   We have been cut out of interviews and ignored.  The truth about this inhumane and very unsafe industry is not getting out there. 

The Daily News does not care about the horses or the drivers.  Instead, they are being used as poster children - a metaphor for deBlasio’s progressive agenda.  If the right wing media can get deBlasio to cry uncle on this issue, this will open the door to other things.  And he will likely lose the next election because he flip flopped. 

So when you hear about the Quinnipiac poll showing 60% of respondents opposed to a ban – you must also realize that these polls were taken after an extended brainwashing period.  Polls like this are meaningless to critical thinkers. 

Will Mayor deBlasio be strong enough to stand up to this and keep his word -- or will he cave?  Only time will tell. 

Do you want  Mort Zuckerman/disgruntled Daily News owner; the Teamsters; Liam Neeson;  and the carriage drivers running NYC - or do you want the man you voted for - Mayor deBlasio? 

Please wake up to this.  Nazi Germany happened because people were not paying attention. 

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