Sunday, March 1, 2009


Damn - I just knew this would happen. Now we have two drivers who believe they should be the Tourist Ambassador to New York City. Both are featured in youtube videos.

Which one would NYC and Company, the Administration's tourist agency, like best? Which one would Council Member Oliver Koppell like best? After all, he loves this industry and would probably want to weigh in on the selection.

Which one do you like best? It is a very tough choice.

Warning: this is for adult ears only.

The first contender, we shall call him Tie-die, demonstrates his ability to engage passersby. See him in his own feature film. Notice how he leaves his horse unattended while he hysterically runs down the street.

The second contender shall be known as OJ. He practices his use of the English language and also demonstrates his ability to speak with tourists. He has a very large vocabulary. He also stars in his own feature film. I hate to think what he does to his horse when he is upset, which is probably often.

The administration is rightfully proud of this tourist attraction.

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Zan said...

These are two different genres (short vs feature film). You've got two great contenders, although many others could fill the job of tourist ambassador. Mr. "Tie Dye" definitely engages the passersby, in such spectacular fashion that it turns heads! Goodness, he runs after the guy to make sure that he is heard! Is that what they call a "people person"?

Mr. Raging Bull, the 2nd guy, has a way with the ladies, doesn't he! They can be heard registering their surprise, and then fleeing the carriage--before the ride! Guess they had a change of plans. Cue in to 4:23 for the culmination of his passionate soliloquy (listen, and you can hear Frank Sinatra singing "New York, New York.") That's one way to drum up business for the industry! Those rascals!

Koppell, Gennaro, Christine Quinn, and Michael R. Bloomberg must identify deeply with this industry. Interesting.