Saturday, August 9, 2008


The stable pictured below in the August 8th blog is one of the worst for NYC carriage horses -- although the other four are not much better. Anyone - particularly a driver in the horse and buggy trade who defends these living quarters for their horses - should quietly get out of the business because it is indefensible.

The picture at the right shows a horses ascending a steep ramp (at one of the NYC stables) to access his stall on the upper floor. This is particularly hard for older horses who may have arthritis - or simply those who have been dragging a carriage around all day. As a frame of reference, the NYC Building Code requires a 1:12 ratio on ramps for the disabled, which means the slope must not be steeper than 1 inch of rise for every 12 inches of length. This ramp (obviously because of space constraints) is much steeper and therefore that much more uncomfortable and inhumane.

A particular defender of the industry (driver/owner) trolls the Internet looking to make comments on various blogs about carriage horses. He has landed here a few times. Most recently he actually defended the steep ramps that the horses are required to use "LOL - hell, out at the Hampton Classic they are put to JUMPS 6 feet high! LOL." Sad.

Throughout his diatribe, he defensively sprinkles "LOLs" and "LMAOs." There is nothing funny about "laughing out loud" or "laughing my ass off" when it comes to these horses. Shame on him.

Defending such an inhumane industry will be their downfall.

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Respect for All Creatures said...

It is absolutely shocking to treat an animal who works all day in horrid, frightening, and 100% unnatural conditions with an end of the day “rest” in a filthy and cramped space! The fact that the horses have no time to simply walk around free to stretch and move (no turn out space) without a heavy carriage and 4 people strapped to their back is cruel. This lack of empathy is all one needs to see to know these horses are being abused!