Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good Weather is Not Good News for the Horses

This past week we have gotten relief from the brutally hot weather of July. When the weather is in the low to mid 80's, I don't worry as much that one of the horses will drop dead from heat prostration, but I still think a lot about their continued wretched existences. Nothing about their lives is happy, so relief from real temps in the 90's is just one small reprieve in a life of misery. Not much, however, because even temps in the 80's are too hot for horses in full harness standing in the sun pulling 100's and 100's of pounds. They do not like the heat. Furthermore, they still have to work brutal hours in heavy traffic, still have to return to substandard "stables," still have no pasture turn-out, still no time with other horses. Do they have even a few minutes of contentment in their long, miserable days? I don't think so.

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