Saturday, December 27, 2014



There is so much misinformation out there that people who care about the carriage horse issue in NYC and support a ban do not know what to believe.  I will attempt to disabuse you of any preconceived notions you may have after being fed a diet of the Daily News and NY Post or listening to Council Members like Espinal and Crowley, both of whom have borrowed the pages from the Carriage Driver's play book.

Please accept this as a fact:   The truth is not getting out to the public.  

In this blog, I will address the stable issue only.  The carriage drivers and their supporters claim that Steve Nislick, the head of NYClass, wants this property.  He does not.  The sooner you accept this truth, the sooner you will begin to question the other lies such as the "good union jobs" or the "horses will all go to slaughter if there is a ban."

These and other  lies will be addressed in the near future.  We have no conflicts of interest, do this work for free, and only want to save the horses from a life that often ends at the auctions.  We are not part of, nor do we have any affiliation with, NYClass.   The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages  began this campaign in 2006.  We are a 501-(c) -4, incorporated in 1995 under The Coalition for NYC Animals, Inc.

  • FIRST RULE:  Always question what you hear from the main stream media - whether right wing or seemingly progressive.  They all have ulterior motives, which may not be apparent.  This includes the NY Daily News, NY Post, Wall Street Journal, Crain's NY Business, Newsweek, Fox News, NY-1 and the editorial board of the NY Times.  The Daily news, particularly, is a bastion of yellow journalism.  They have ulterior motives to bring down Mayor deBlasio because they cannot tolerate his progressive policies.  None of these media sources supported deBlasio in the Mayoral primary - although some did come around in the general election.  It was the people who gave the Mayor his landslide -- not the media.  
  • NYCLASS:  We have total confidence that Steve Nislick/NYClass has no interest in the stable properties.  It is intentional propaganda by the right wing media in NYC aided by the Cavalry Group, lobbyists for puppy mills and horse slaughter and now lobbying to keep the carriage trade in NYC.  
  • SENSELESS:  Why would Steve Nislick covet these two small parcels of property for years and years when there was so much else available (if he wanted it) since it is an urban renewal project that extends over many blocks.  Answer:  he would not and if you believe this, then you have fallen for the lies perpetuated by the right wing media and the unions that have been duped by them.  

  • THESE ARE THE STABLES:  The two stables pictured here fall in the path of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project, which has been going on for more than ten years - many more years than NY Class has been in existence.  The Byrne Brothers stable is on the left and West Side Livery is on the right.  Whether or not the carriage trade comes to an end, these stables' days are numbered.  There is nothing about either of these two properties that is special or desirable.  The area is being built up and gentrified to service everyone.  Google it and find out for yourself.  We need to stop catering to the special needs of a few entitled people - the carriage owners.  
  • $$$$$$$$:  The buildings are worth about $10,000,000 each and both owners stand to make a huge profit.  While it should go without saying, they can also decide to whom they will sell the property.  Yet there are some people who have fallen for this argument without questions.  
  • OTHER STABLES:  The other stables on W. 48th and W. 52nd are not in this redevelopment area so can keep this property for anything their hearts desire. They can continue to rent out to pedicabs or turn it into a parking garage.  
  • MORT ZUCKERMAN, multi billionaire owner of the NY Daily News and strong supporter of former Speaker Christine Quinn who was endorsed by his paper, is also the executive chairman of Boston Properties, a large real estate investment trust.  Google to see their ownership of this city and their involvement with the Hudson Yards Project.  



Mike said...

Id NYCLASS and Nislick DIDN'T want the stables, why do I have in my hands the first 2 pamphlets that LIST THE SQUARE FOOTAGE of the stables as well as the ECONOIMIC BENEFIT of changing their zoning??

Don't want the stables, yet the first mailers include that info?

Elizabeth Forel said...

OK - Mike - we published your comment. However, I do not know who you are and you may be making this up. So - I challenge you to send us a scanned copy of these "2 pamphlets" that you refer to by the end of tomorrow, July 4th. To If I do not receive it by then, I will either comment on you being a fraud or delete your comment. Not sure.

Are you up to the challenge - put money where your mouth is! Or take your foot out of your mouth. Let's see which applies.

Elizabeth Forel said...

So Mr. "Mike" -- I gave you a fair chance and never heard from you. So I must assume you are a liar. I provided our e-mail address for you to send me the phantom brochures you claim you have. BUT NOTHING!

You - like just about everyone who opposes shutting down the inhumane and unsafe horse-drawn carriage business in NYC lie. It is the only way you can make progress. Unfortunately considering the media - like the trashy Daily News, which continues to print lies - it has helped your cause.