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He would find religion and dub the horse carriage trade in NYC hands off and good to go.

So says the carriage trade.  In trying to keep the status quo, they have lied and lied with the Daily News supporting and elaborating on their fantasies.  

West Side Livery stable - has one means of egress

We have previously addressed the reasons why the Daily News has gone after the Mayor on this issue – and it is not their love of horses, the drivers or the industry. Click here. 

In March 2014,  the NYC carriage trade organized an event at their stables, which included actor Liam Neeson.  A few Council Members attended.  None of them knew what to look for and just went because they supported the industry anyway.  It is quite embarrassing to listen to a particular Council Member  or member of the media say – “the horses look fine – they do not look abused”  when that person doesn't have a clue what to look for in the stable or with the horse.  

Liam Neeson in his “refined”  way said this about the Mayor:  “He should have manned up and come.[to the stable]   I’m disappointed he's not here."

Excuse me – “manned up?”  What a disrespectful thing to say to our mayor.  And it is  clear that Neeson was about ready to take to the streets and arm wrestle Mayor deBlasio  to show he is a macho man.  He wanted to bully him into going to the stables but it did not work.    

Yes - if only the mayor would visit the stables because this is what he could find  – and it’s not pretty!:

STALLS – legally the stalls are required to be 60 square feet –and are actually referred to as "standing stalls."   This is small but considering the number of horses the NYC trade has,  it is all the space available at the four stables.   

Experts recommend stalls for standardbreds to be 144 square feet – 12’ x 12; - and the larger draft breeds should  get even more – 196 square feet – 14’ x 14.’

Although the intake information for NYC carriage horses does not include their breed, from observation, between 60 to 75% of the horses are draft breeds – these are the sweet big boys who need lots of space and are not getting it. 

In no way are the NYC stalls big enough.  But the owners get around this duplicity by bait and switch logic, referring to them as “box stalls,: which sounds better than “standing stalls.”   But this refers to a configuration, not a size.
West Side Livery at Clip Clop event - note small dirty stall with inadequate bedding
Bottom line is that the existing stalls are less than half the size of what experts recommend.  

These are articles on this topic by respected sources:  

Clinton Park Stables - notice how small the "legal box stall" is
horse on steep ramp - typical for all stables

STALL LOCATION – the stables are old multi-storied buildings with stalls mostly on upper floors.   If there were a fire on these floors, it would be unlikely that the horses would get out since the only access  or egress is a steep ramp.

Imagine this – a staircase connecting two floors; remove the staircase and install a ramp in its exact place -- it is very steep.  It takes its toll on the horses – especially the older ones with arthritis. 

TURNOUT – there is no pasture available in NYC, consequently  there is no turnout for the horses.  A horse may legally work for nine hours a day.  When he returns to the stable, he is not turned out but instead is put in his stall until he is taken out the next day.  Humane?  I think not.  The  owners cannot provide that for their horses on a daily basis even for a few hours.

Some articles on the value of turnout for horses:    

turnout - NYC style
 5-WEEK FURLOUGH:  The drivers thought they would pull a fast one on everyone by having this added to the 2010 law.  This is how it reads from the RENTAL HORSE LICENSING AND PROTECTION LAW:

2.  Carriage horses shall receive no less than five weeks of vacation or furlough every twelve months at a horse stable facility which allows daily access to paddock or pasture turnout. Proof of such vacation or furlough shall be provided upon request to the department and/or the ASPCA.

Sounds good rightBut this is what it is missing:
Horses need daily turnout – this is a given and the NYC horses simply do not get it

-       The Department of Health did not require that a list of such farms be provided to them for approval.  Proof of such furlough is simply a signature.

-       The Department of Health also did not require that the furlough farms be inspected.   It is not known where the horses go for furlough or the  kind of conditions they endure.

-       Some of the owners have farms but we believe that many of the ones who don’t, which is most,  send their horses to the Amish farms with whom they have relationships.  No Amish farmer is going to allow a draft horse to hang around eating bon bons while his land needs to be plowed.  The Amish have a work ethic for animals that has made them notorious for animal cruelty and abuse.  

-       We have heard rumors that many of these horses are sent to the Amish farms to work in exchange for being able to say that the horse went away for 5 weeks.  

-       in October 2011, the NY Post published this quote by former ASPCA equine veterinarian  - Pamela Corey:   
       Dr. Corey, the director of equine veterinary services of the ASPCA’s humane law-enforcement department, said, “We have observed some horses returning to New York City after furloughs on a farm in worse condition than when they left.”

      This was never investigated. All of those who could have done something about this turned the other way. 

This industry must come to an end.  It is a blight on NYC’s honor.  It celebrates greed. Unfortunately the Mayor has allowed the Daily News, backed by the Teamsters and Working Families Party,  to control the dialogue.  Most of the media have followed the Daily News and the truth has not gotten out. 

Well this is the truth about the stables, stalls and furloughs.  



Nancy said...

If De Blasio is so dead set against horses and carriages in NYC, why won't he visit the stables? This is such a shameful and disgusting business and De Blasio needs to shut it down now. No more waiting, no more excuses.

vixenuhhuh said...

I couldn't have said it better.
Those horses need room. Those poor horses need rest.
If you want to see a well taken care of horse, look in any film that includes horses. Those horses looks fine.
The carriage horses of New York look shamefully abused.

vixenuhhuh said...

I couldn't have said it better.
Those horses need room. Those poor horses need rest.
If you want to see a well taken care of horse, look in any film that includes horses. Those horses looks fine.
The carriage horses of New York look shamefully abused.