Saturday, July 7, 2007


I was at the hack line today for several hours. It was very hot and the horses do not do well in hot weather. I had a thermometer with me that read close to 100 in the sun. The ASPCA air conditioned van passed driving west on Central Park South at 2:30. It did not stop. Not even to take the temperature. So much for monitoring the horses. The horses do not have ready access to water and some appeared thirsty. As they pass the filthy water trough in the park north of the 6th Avenue intersection, some of the carriages stop to water their horses; others do not.

The weather projected for tomorrow and Monday is in the 90s. Horses are supposed to be sent back to their stables when it reaches 90 degrees. Humidity is not a factor. Will the ASPCA agent(s) be there to monitor the temperature? Will they send the horses in? Only they know for sure. Their number is 212-876-7700 - x 4450.


Ron said...

It's 1:20 pm, July 9,2002. I just got off the phone with ASPCA enforcement section and a rather curt woman assured me that all horses had been sent back to the stables. There is an ASPCA agent in the park to enforce the ban and the agent will be inspecting the stables today. Ron Brogan

Unknown said...


Elizabeth told me about your blog and I think I was the 1st or 2nd person to comment. I've tagged you with a meme, which can be used as a way to bring traffic to your site. Here's the link to my post that has the rules. It's not as silly as it may seem, as it gives you (and ted and scout) the opportunity to say things you might not say because of the context of your blog. Clearly, you don't have to participate.

Thanks for working to get the carriages banned.

Mary Martin (animalperson)